As of April 6, 2015, PerkinElmer Labs/NTD is pleased to offer a new and improved website, called eReports, for accessing our Instant Risk Assessment (IRA) software.

To access our IRA software, please log on to at your earliest convenience with the following information:

Username: Same as your previous username
Password: Welcome with a capital "W". (Note: Upon first Log-In, you will be required to change your password)

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-855-PKI-LAB1 (754-5221) Option 1, or email us at

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The person accessing this website for purposes of obtaining risk assessment results information on any patient from NTD Laboratories does
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1. The person is properly authorized access to this website.
2. The information being requested is requested only for the purpose of providing medical care to the patient.
3. The unauthorized access, not in conformance with the above allowances is illegal and subjects the person making unauthorized access
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